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Could you mention the pros and cons?

The popularity of winter sports in Poland is growing year by year. If you are a fan of one or two boards, you know perfectly well that winter sports equipment is not cheap. Fortunately, you can buy ski boots, pants and jackets, as well as skis and snowboards, cheaper online at SnowShop. Snowshop is part of a larger family. In addition to the snowboard shop, there are also places where you can buy equipment for surfing and cycling trips. We are talking about SurfShop and BikeSalon stores. The bond connecting these 3 places is certainly passion. Employees of the SnowShop shop spend their holidays on the slopes. The same is true for the employees of the other two places. The love of active recreation flows in the blood of both salespeople behind the counter and office workers. With each of them you can talk about boards, skis or bicycles. They will advise, help you choose the best equipment and exchange impressions from recent adventures. Do you love mountain slopes? You've come to the right place. SnowShop offers the best boards and skis, and the shop team is staffed by professional enthusiasts. Outside the Internet, you can find SnowShop in Warsaw and Gdynia. You can choose from over 4,000 products from the best manufacturers. Looking for a snowboard? You will find hundreds of them here. Use the SnowShop discount code and your wallet won't even feel the new snowboard jacket you just bought. Check out the SnowShop and hit the slopes. The online snowboard shop has been operating since 2002. The stationary activity of the company began on the Hel Peninsula in 2004. Then a small shop for surfers was opened, which was distinguished by the huge heart of the founders. Their hearts beat with the rhythm of the sea tides and waves crashing on the sandy shores of the beaches. Driven by love for sport, they expanded their activities. Now they sell equipment in 3 stores:, and In the online snowboard store you will find over 4,000 top-shelf products, including snowboard jackets, boots, boards and skis. The equipment available in the SnowShop has been tested on live material. The tests were carried out by employees of the store, whose common feature is love for the mountains. The store cooperates, among others, with the FunSurf wind and kitesurfing school, which has been operating on the Hel Peninsula for several years. Participants of the courses can count on special discounts. However, you don't have to be a student to use the SnowShop discount codes at the top of this page. Just scroll through it. After the season, the SnowShop online store often organizes attractive sales, but promotions in the store last throughout the year. For a good start, the store offers free stickers with each order, but that's not all. Sale snowboards cost up to 30 percent less. You can get skis with a discount of 55 percent, and if you join the loyalty card holders, you can get up to 20 percent discount on selected products. All available promotions are listed at the top of this page. Also check your competition discounts. To do this, go to the Sport and hobby category and you will see that by subscribing to the Intersport newsletter, you will receive a 5 percent discount on your purchases. If you do the same in Neosport, you can count on a PLN 30 discount. The Hop Sport online store, in turn, gives customers discounts of up to 50 percent. Take care of good equipment, which is a guarantee of good fun. The fun will be even better if you pay a few dozen zlotys less than the regular price for everything.   1 0

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